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Khalil Chedid receives ASM Student and Postdoctoral Travel Award” for ASM Microbe 2018 in conjunction with his oral presentation and poster. Read more about the grant here and more about Khalil on the Lab Members page here.

Hannah Segaloff is awarded the International Institute Student Fellowship for travel in Summer 2018. Read about the award here.

Hannah Segaloff is awarded the Rackham Pre-doctoral Fellowship for Summer 2018 to Winter 2019. See her on the list of awardees here, read about the award here, and read her abstract here on page 25.


Read Dr. Martin talk about dirty money and germs here.

Read Dr. Martin’s take on dirty towels and germs here.

Dr. Martin talks about the flu shot and its effectiveness for the Wallstreet Journal here.

Hannah Segaloff is awarded the Rackham Summer Award for Summer 2017. Read about the award here.


Read or Listen to Dr. Martin talk to WEMU about Zika and West Nile virus and how to protect yourself from them here.

Read the transcript of Dr. Martin’s interview for Travel Weekly about Zika and an August outbreak in Florida here.

Read Dr. Martin’s comment in a Medpage Today article about President Trump’s meeting with anti-vaccine activists in Wakefield and what it says about the administration’s position here.


Read the coverage of our 2015 IDWeek presentation in San Diego

Dr Martin and Rich Evans publish a meta-analysis of the risk of surgical site infection linked to diabetes. Read more here and here and here.